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Considerations When Buying Grass-fed Beef

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With the growing popularity of grass-fed beef, more farmers are marketing
their beef as grass-fed.  But all grass-fed beef is not the same.

Rotational Grazing

Beef wandering freely in a 100 acre pasture are grass-fed.  But for the best taste and nutrition, cows should rotate through small 2-3 acre pastures every several days, as the cows at Weatherbury Farm do.


Weatherbury cows eat organic grass, unlike many cows which graze on pastures that have been sprayed with herbicides and pesticides. 

Weatherbury cows are grass-fed and grass-finished.  They never eat grain.

Types of animals sold

Weatherbury cows are born and live their entire life on the farm.  Many farmers, to avoid overwintering costs, purchase calves (often of unknown origin) at the auction. Surprisingly, we have even seen farms advertising for "cull cows" (cows that a farmer is getting rid of) to raise as grass-fed beef.


Weatherbury Farm beef is sold (cut, wrapped and frozen) by the amount of beef you receive.  Many farmers sell by the hanging weight.  The finished weight is at best 60% of the hanging weight and the price doesn't include processing.  So what looks like a great price ends up per pound two to three times what it appears to be.


Finally, Weatherbury Farm beef is butchered locally by a small family-owned butcher shop that does just one animal at a time.  Thus you can be assured that the meat you receive is Weatherbury Farm grass-fed beef. Frequently, we hear a "horror story" from yet another farmer who used a large butcher and the meat he received from the butcher was not from the cow he sent in.


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