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Health Benefits: Low Cholesterol

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"Natural unprocessed foods are excellent at lowering cholesterol naturally. If you eat beef, be absolutely sure that IT IS GRASS-FED and not grain-fed beef. It is from grain-fed beef that your homocysteine levels spike up tremendously.

Briefly, excessive homocysteine levels cause irritation (sub-clinical inflammation) in the artery cell walls and it is on the rough surfaces thus caused, and are now protruding in the artery cavity, to which ldl cholesterol attaches as it courses through the arteries as part of your blood stream. That causes restriction of the space needed by your bloodstream as it circulates, hence the heart now has to pump harder in an attempt to get the bloodstream volume moving, and right there is your high blood pressure. Atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis are also right here, as is heart attack or stroke, all from the same origin, but for the sake of profits they are handled as if they are all different."

Reference: "Do You Need to Lower Cholesterol Naturally? June 28, 2008


Research by Susan Duckett, Clemson University shows that pastured beef has approximately 66mg of cholesterol/serving.  By comparison, chicken breast and lamb both have 80 mg/serving.

Additionally, research by Davidson, Hunninghake, et al. (1999) found that  "... diets containing primarily lean red meat or lean white meat produced similar reductions in LDL cholesterol and elevations in HDL cholesterol, which were maintained throughout the 36 weeks of treatment."

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