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Health Benefits: No Glyphosate

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No Glyphosate – a good reason to buy grass-fed beef from Weatherbury Farm

Glyphosate (known to consumers as Roundup) is classified by the World Health Organization as a possible carcinogen.  In the United States, the glyphosate residue in foods continues to escalate. To combat this, the allowable levels in foods have been increased from two to twenty five percent by the EPA. 1

Recent studies by Dr Stephanie Seneff and Dr. Anthony Samsel indicate that beef fed GMO corn and soybeans (both of which are sprayed with glyphosate for weed control) might contain more glyphosate residue than previously noted and that that residue could be potentially more dangerous. In part this is because glyphosate does not easily show up in standard spectrograms and false negatives or greatly reduced readings are very possible

According to Seneff and Samsel , very low levels of glyphosate in animal proteins may be more dangerous for human consumers compared to its plant based counterparts, simply because animal proteins might have an easier time slipping past our immune system by cell mimicry, since animal proteins are closer to our proteins than plant proteins.

According to Dr Seneff: “One thing I would like to say about the meats is a concern I have that the glyphosate may be embedded in the proteins and not properly extracted prior to measurement. Monsanto found that they had to do extensive proteolysis in order to free up glyphosate that they knew was present because they had radiolabelled itAnimal protein with glyphosate embedded in it can be predicted to be extremely allergenic (worse than plant protein), and I think it could be a major source of the epidemic in autoimmune diseases that we’re seeing. This is especially worrisome because animal proteins are more likely to match up with human proteins through molecular mimicry and cause trouble with autoimmunity.”

According to Dr Samsel: “All meat and fowl is contaminated with Glyphosate as well as other glyphosate  related molecule like N-Acetylglyphosate from some GE’d corn and soy…  Glyphosate esters, salts and metabolites as well as reaction products i.e. five nitrosamines of Glyphosate are also present. There are no safe levels of Glyphosate.”2

Add to this that there are no regulations about glyphosate use in non-organic grass fed beef production. With the approval of Roundup Ready alfalfa in late 2011, one of the main forage species for grassfed production is now GMO. Grass fed beef producers can spray their new alfalfa stands with Roundup and eliminate weed competition thereby increasing longevity and productivity in their fields. Another source of glyphosate in grass fed beef is common in the Midwest, where beef labeled as grassfed may have grazed on GMO corn stubble and beans in Roundup treated fields.3

In conclusion, grain fed beef and grass fed beef from non-organic farms could probably be contaminated with glyphosate that is more dangerous for humans than glyphosate from plants.

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