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Environmental Benefits: Reduces Flooding

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Purchasing Considerations when buying grass-fed beef

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Because organic matter enhances water and nutrient holding capacity and improves soil structure, managing for soil carbon can enhance productivity and environmental quality, and can reduce the severity and costs of natural phenomena, such as drought, flood, and disease. In addition, increasing soil organic matter levels can reduce atmospheric CO2 levels that contribute to climate change.

Increased surface residue forms a physical barrier to wind and water erosion.

Higher residue rotations and cover crops contribute more organic matter and nutrients to the soil.

Less soil disturbance means lower organic matter losses. Surface structure becomes more stable and less prone to

crusting and erosion.

Water infiltration increases and runoff decreases when soil structure improves.

Soil organic matter holds 10 to 1,000 times more water and nutrients than the same amount of soil minerals.

Beneficial soil organisms become more numerous and active with diverse crop rotations and higher organic matter levels.

USDA/NRCS Managing Soil Organic Matter



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