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Environmental Benefits: Increases Earthworms & Other Beneficial Organisms

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Earthworms benefit soil quality in many ways, including increasing pathways for infiltration, soil aeration, and root growth; breaking up of hardpans; incorporation and mixing into the soil of organic materials; and making soil nutrients more available to plants.  Rotational grazing systems used with grass fed animals  appears to be an ideal environment for encouraging earthworms because tillage and harmful chemicals are rarely, if ever used, cooler temperatures and moister soils are maintained by the "permanent" grass/legume cover, and a constant supply of organic matter is available at the soil surface from cowpies, uneaten forage, and manure applications. 1

Six Minnesota pasture-based ranchers asked researchers to compare the health of their soil with soil from neighboring farms that produced corn, soybean, oats, or hay. At the end of four years of monitoring, researchers concluded that the carefully managed grazed land had:

    • 53% greater soil stability
    • 131% more earthworms
    • Substantially more organic matter
    • Less nitrate pollution of groundwater
    • Improved stream quality
    • Better habitat for grassland birds and other wildlife 2

1. Dorsey, Jay et al "Managed Grazing as an Alternative Manure Management Strategy"

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